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For Women

Breast Massage

Breast massage is one of the foundation of a woman’s self-care routine. Massaging our breasts regularly helps to harmonize our hormones and open our hearts. It also improves circulation and prevents the formation of lumps, therefore helps reducing the risk of breast cancer.


The Irresistible Woman

An eight week mastery program to morph into the juiciest, sexiest, most playful, radiant version of yourself and learn through pleasure who you are in the world as a woman.

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For Men

Power Up Your Erections

The best program to eliminate ED, have stronger, harder, more consistent erections and stay hard naturally.


Master Your Ejaculation

The best program to eliminate premature ejaculation, remove performance anxiety and last longer.


Sexual Mastery

The best program to give you all the mastery techniques to satisfy a woman in bed for her pleasure and yours.


Power and Mastery Series

Get all 3 of our most popular programs into one powerful series - the most complete sexual mastery training.


For Men and Women

The 7 Chakra Meditation

This powerful chakra balancing guided meditation will easily activate your chakras with the use of visualization, hand movement and affirmations.

You will be guided through each chakra, allowing energy to flow and blocks to be released. This is for anyone who needs to harmonize and balance their body's energy.


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