My name is Céline Remy and it is my mission to inspire one million couples to experience love, passion, and intimacy in their relationship. 

This is the story of how I got the man who said he would NEVER get married to eagerly marry me and love every minute of it.

But let’s backtrack a little…

It was the spring of 2003 and my mom was getting a new lease on life after recently recovering from surgery and cancer treatment…

She wanted something to make herself feel alive again. So I agreed to go to with her to this women’s only Taoist workshop on how to use sexual energy to heal and empower our lives.

I watched these women struggling with body image, feeling disconnected from their body, experiencing so much pain, shame, and frustration around sexuality and intimacy.

Exploring the hidden power of sexuality

Our teacher guided us to smile to our ovaries and practice ovarian breathing. Now, I had never done anything like that before. And while the practice was strange at first, I started to feel a warmth spread from my womb, all the way up my spine, enveloping my entire body into this gentle, loving energy.

I had just tapped into a powerhouse of energy and was just starting to activate it. I was hooked.

The ovaries connect us to our ancestors, in fact all the joys and pains that our foremothers lived through are passed on through us via our ovaries. So often the shame and low self esteem we carry are not even ours to begin with.

In our mutually shared experience of silence, laughter and playful practices, new doors opened up. I was beginning to ride my feminine energy and heal deep rooted negative emotions.

You know that moment when you know something significant has happened? You have a flash of your entire future and the life you are meant to live.

I could feel every cell in my body aligning towards that vision… This moment would change my life forever…

But before I tell you what that realization was, let me explain why this was so impactful for me... 


My quest begins

The truth is that I don’t have a story of struggle or inhibition around my sexuality growing up…

I grew up next to the Swiss Alps, so I was taught to enjoy the pleasure of tasting rich chocolates and other delicacies, and I was given access to real sexual education programs as well as being taught not to have shame around my body or sexuality. 

However, I didn’t know that sexual energy is the foundation of health, creativity and spirituality until I was taught to liberate it’s hidden powers. I didn’t know that radiant health and emotional balance come from an activated core and that we have all the answers within if we take the time to listen and truly connect.

Sitting in the circle I knew that I had to dig deeper…

But like any good story it wouldn’t come without a journey. What I have discovered on that journey has astounded me. I am excited to take you where I have been, to show what I have discovered.

A journey of discovery

At that time I had been working as an esthetician in high end spas for 4 years. There I learned that human touch is the most powerful way to release stress and connect deeply.

But I became obsessed with meeting and studying with the great masters of pleasure and sexuality.

So I worked 2 jobs to save the money for my travels. I had a dream and was determined to make it happen.

Many didn’t understand my obsession and even found it a little unorthodox. I was definitely going off the beaten path.

But deep down I knew my spirit would never be fully satisfied if I stayed and played by the rules.

I went to Thailand first to study ancient Taoist techniques of healing love, with Master Mantak Chia. He has mastered using “chi” (energy). I watched 4 men trying to push him while he was standing and they could not budge him an inch.

I would get up at the crack of dawn to practice morning Tai Chi, then we would gather in the meditation hall that stood over a magnificent pond and learn ancient taoist practices to cultivate our sexual energy for health and bliss.

Next I headed for the jungle in North Thailand to learn the mystic art of Thai Bodywork. I stayed in a remote jungle village, that only had 3 hot showers and one TV for the entire village. I learned to open the body’s energy pathways to bring a state of healing and balance.

My next destination was India. I spent 4 months in India, the land of spirituality and enlightenment, where I lived in an ashram and studied yoga and meditation. I got introduced to the science of life called “Ayurveda”, which taught me the importance of balancing mind, body and spirit.

My first introduction to Tantric Massage

One day I was invited to receive a massage by a highly skilled practitioner. I was laying on a big handcrafted wooden table that was specifically designed for oil massage. The masseur started to cover my entire body in oil and worked on my scalp, back and legs to release tension.

Then he continued by massaging my sex, including an internal vaginal massage. He would press on points to release anger, trauma and pain and my body would respond by making room for more pleasure.

This was a whole new level of touch. I had never felt more alive, turned on and tapped in after a massage.

It was incredible. I had to find a way to guide others through this mind blowing experience.


Following love

Love guided my steps to Hawaii, where I spent 5 years on the islands.

I tried my hand at marriage the first time with a sweet, loving man, who was 31 years my elder.

I really wanted that relationship to succeed and I put a lot of energy into it, but I was still lacking some skills in communication and boundaries.

When we would have disagreements, I would give him the silent treatment and sometimes we were so hurt that we would say things to one another that we would regret later. I was confused, frustrated and doubtful in my marriage. I still remember putting bad advice into action only to find myself even more miserable and hopeless.

We cared for each other deeply but honestly it felt like I was doing all the work in the relationship and I wanted more.

One day I was parading in the living room in my new sexy underwear and he didn’t even look up from his computer. I was crushed, I couldn’t get his attention despite my best efforts.

So I left to find myself and continued my search for the kind of relationship I knew was possible.

On the back of my mind I was still looking for a way to integrate sexuality into my work. I decided to offer sensual massages for men. I moved to California and started a holistic private practice.

Honestly, I thought I was taking a detour of my vision of empowering women, but in the process of working with over a 1000 different men I started to gain more compassion and understanding of men.

I was able to learn first hand what men struggle with both emotionally and sexually.

Becoming a men whisperer

And I also started to make small changes in what I said and how I showed up around men. I focused on my strengths and feminine gifts.

Another relationship followed with a brilliant, loving man, who pushed me to step into my greatness. Our love ended respectfully and I have him to thank for encouraging me to go on a date with my now husband.

As I was upleveling my life, I decided to take my credential to the next level so I went back to school to become a somatic sexologist and certified sexological bodyworker.

In the process I discovered how to get what I want and desire most from men. And I became known as the men whisperer amongst my girlfriends.

They watched me attract a high caliber man. They witnessed him opening doors for me and looking at me with love and devotion in his eyes.

My girlfriends saw the way we treated each other and brought out the best in one another. They heard about our multi hours long lovemaking and mind-blowing sex life. It was written all over my face.

They cheered as he proposed and were right there at our wedding. And you know the best part, my mum was right there by my side the day I got married.

My friends urged me to share my secrets with them. They wanted to learn how to transform their love life as well. 

And now I was ready…

You remember that day I had an epiphany? I realized that I had a gift, that my shame free upbringing allowed me to bring a powerful container of transformation for those around me.

I just knew that I needed to study and learn more about how to use sexuality to help others heal past trauma. Make them feel alive, and bring them together with their partners into a deeper and stronger level of intimacy than they’ve ever experienced before.

It seemed like this world of possibility opened up to me. I felt like nothing could quench my thirst to learn and discover more.

Everything I teach is tried and tested in my relationship.

Truthfully, I celebrate that I have a fantastic marriage that gets better all the time. My wish is for everyone to experience what I have – passion, love, intimacy.

I want to help women retake control of their relationships so that they can experience the romance they’ve always wanted.

I want to help men expand their sexual and emotional skills so that they can become heroes in the bedroom.

My mission is to inspire 1 million couples to experience love, passion, and intimacy in their relationships.

So if I did it, I know you can do it as well.


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